Robert DeNiro

Robert De Niro signed 11x14 King of Comedy Photo

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About this piece: This is a classic 11" x 14" photo of Robert De Niro as character "Rupert Pupkin" from the film "King Of Comedy."  Bryan hand picked this rare and unforgettable still image from one of his personal favorite roles from Robert De Niro in "The King of Comedy." 

Mr. De Niro has never been very accessible for acquiring signatures or pictures. However, being Bryan's first and most admired actor, Bryan has always had great experiences with Mr. De Niro and has acquired some of the most unique and highest quality signature pieces from Robert De Niro over the last 2 decades. Due to Bryan's tremendous talent for sourcing out filming locations, his opportunities with Robert De Niro have always been exclusive and very memorable.

Signing description: This photo was signed by Mr. De Niro on the 2003 Pasadena film set of the popular film, "Meet The Fockers." Mr. De Niro signed this with a blue vis-a-vis felt-tip marker. Mr. De Niro's signature is perfectly centered and looks great on the piece.

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