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The Beach Boys signed Pet Sounds album

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About this piece: The Beach Boys album "Pet Sounds" is a favorite and inspiration for everyone, from the baby boom generation up to the indie artist of Generation X. The album has been signed by the remaining living members of the Pet Sounds and Beach Boys lineup.

Signing description: This piece features a signature from Beach Boy band leader and living legend Brian Wilson, which was signed by Brian at a local Los Angeles restaurant. The Signature Library's Bryan Ulrich frequently caught up with Brian Wilson.  Al Jardine signed this album outside the artists entrance at Royce Hall, in Westwood California after joining Brian Wilson for a special concert featuring the music of Pet Sounds. Lastly, Bryan Ulrich was able to catch up with both Bruce Johnston and Mike Love on the tarmac of the Long Beach airport (as pictured). Own a piece of music magic. Pet Sounds truly is one of the best albums of all time.

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