Matt Groening

Matt Groening - Hand Drawn & Signed 9x12 "Maggie Simpson" Sketch

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About this piece:  "The Simpsons" created a cultural phenomenon, and have permeated the blood of pop culture for over the last two decades. Creator, writer, and original artist Matt Groening conceived these characters and has taken the time to sketch different characters from "The Simpsons" for Bryan over the years.  A difficult piece to obtain , as Mr.Groening is not only a man behind the scenes, but is somewhat reluctant to draw these sketches anymore. These sketches are an indelible piece of pop culture history. This particular drawing from Matt Groening features the character of "Maggie."


Signing description: Bryan and his team were on hand at The Arclight theaters in Hollywood, CA in 2007 when Matt Groening made a rare public appearance to celebrate "The Simpsons" on the big screen.  Mr. Groening drew  and signed this sketch of "Maggie" on a professional 9x12 acid free sketch pad with a black felt tip marker.

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