Nancy Reagan

Nancy Reagan - Signed 11.5x14.5 Herb Ritts Photo

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About this piece:  This gorgeous photograph of former First Lady Nancy Reagan is the work of  the late great Photographer, Herb Ritts.   This particular image comes directly from the Herb Ritts rare and out of print book; Notorious.  


Signing description:  In March of 2002, Bryan was having lunch at the Bel Air Hotel restaurant with a friend who was visiting from Toronto.  As they sat their eating,  the empty booth next to Bryan and his friend was suddenly occupied by none other than former First Lady Nancy Reagan and her lunch companion; Diane Sawyer.  This is one of those rare opportunities that almost literally fell in Bryan's lap.  Never one to disturb a celebrity in a private situation such as eating, Bryan and his friend went about their lunch and casually waited in the garden area of the Bel Air hotel to hope to meet the First Lady upon her departure.  Which is precisely what ensued, as Bryan and his friend were able to have a very sweet conversation with Mrs. Reagan and Diane Sawyer.  Bryan recalls the incredible charm and sweet natured presence of Mrs. Reagan, and was honored to have met such a strong Woman and American hero to many.  It was after this encounter that Bryan (being born in Canada) began to educate himself about Nancy's incredible life and work as the First Lady. A great experience for Bryan and his friend, that truly will always be with him. This piece was signed in a deep blue vis a vis felt tip marker.

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