Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey - Signed "Obama Hope" Poster

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About this piece: This very famous poster from the Obama "Hope" campaign spearheaded by Shepard Fairey's artwork, garnered a lot of attention for Shepard and his work. He has since crossed over to the mainstream art world and these posters and his signature have become quite the art piece. Shepard signed this poster at Santa Monica's Bergemon station; where he was guest DJ for an art opening exhibit.

Signing description:  Shepard Fairey moonlights as a DJ amongst his other creative outlets.  Bryan was at a party in Santa Monica where Shepard was minding the turntables, and had Shepard sign this "Obama Hope" poster.  Due to the fact that Shepard is the artist who designed this poster, Bryan was very keen on having Shepard sign this poster in an appropriate thin black felt tip marker off the actual image and on the bottom right corner, where any artist typically signs their artwork.  Therefore preserving the artwork but adding to its value.  A very rare piece, as Shepard does not make many public appearances.

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