Sean Connery

Sean Connery signed 11x14 James Bond Photo

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About this piece: This absolutely classic image of Sean Connery as the suave "James Bond" is a highly sought after piece of signature art. Mr. Connery is renowned as a "difficult" signer and a very private person, one who rarely makes public appearances in Hollywood or New York, as he has retired from acting and removed himself from the Hollywood "scene."  


Signing description: An opportunity for Bryan opened up, as Mr. Connery was given the American Film Institute's "Special Lifetime Achievement Role" in 2008 and he made a rare appearance to introduce the film, "The Man Who Would Be King." Following the brief introduction, Mr. Connery slipped out the side door to avoid people to find just Bryan and an associate awaiting. Mr. Connery signed just two signatures and exited quickly to his car. His next stop was the Four Seasons Hotel, where he was met by security to escort him into the hotel. There were many "autograph hounds" waiting for Mr. Connery and because of the swelling crowd of people trying to get a signature from Mr. Connery, he just seemed to want to get it over with and sign as many signatures as he could.  Bryan was able to have Mr. Connery sign some very special pieces for The Signature Library that evening.

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