Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp signed Pirates of the Caribbean 11x14

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About this piece: This amazing picture of Johnny Depp as 'Captain Jack Sparrow' from the hit film "Pirates of the Caribbean" was signed by Mr. Depp inside his agent's office at UTA in Los Angeles.

Signing description: Bryan had been able to sneak into the building. Bryan patiently, and secretly, awaited his departure, hoping he could catch Mr. Depp alone leaving. Bryan was able to see Johnny in the hallway waiting for the elevator, and he recognized Bryan from meeting him several times over the years. Mr. Depp also prevented Bryan from getting into any trouble with the buildings security and he happily obliged the signature request.  Johnny Depp is very difficult to catch up with, but if and when that happens, he is the most humbled working actor today that Bryan has ever met. This signature and the others that Johnny signed for Bryan that day are flawless and vintage looking Johnny Depp signatures. A very rare item to find these days. Mr. Depp signed this particular piece with a blue felt-tip marker.

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