Willie Mays

Willy Mays signed 8x10 Photo

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About this piece:  Willie Mays is widely considered the greatest all around athlete to ever play the game of baseball. Known as The "Say Hey Kid" , Willie did everything right when it came to playing baseball. From clutch hitting, home runs, batting average, stealing bases to making spectacular plays in centerfield for the Giants. His illustrious career is still regarded as the best of all time. When you ask people who watched baseball in Mays' era, they unanimously tell you that "he was the greatest I ever saw."  


Signing description:  Willie Mays signature is a very coveted one due to the fact that he is still regarded as the best to ever play the game. In addition Mays has always been somewhat reluctant when it comes to signing his name.  Bryan has had some good fortune with Willie in the past and has been able to acquire some very artistic and unique photos that Willie has signed in some very low key settings in the Los Angeles area.   This incredible depiction of Willie's iconic moment known as "The Catch" was signed at the 2005 Baseball Scouts of America dinner held at the Beverly Hilton hotel.  Willie signed this photo in a blue felt tip sharpie.

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