John Wooden, Kareem Abdul Jabbar

John Wooden & Kareem Abdul Jabbar - Signed 8x10 Photo

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About this piece:  This very cool and rare image features two of College basketballs greatest Legends. Both Coach John Wooden and his superstar Lew Alcindor dominated College basketball at UCLA.  Lew Alcindor who later changed his name to Kareem Abdul Jabbar, has long been a very difficult signature to acquire in person.  While Coach John Wooden (until recent health issues) has always been incredibly kind and generous about signing autographs.  For years, Coach Wooden would sit at UCLA's Pauley Pavillion during UCLA home games and welcome anyone who wanted an autograph or a picture with him.  


Signing description:  In 2004, Bryan attended his first ever UCLA basketball game at Pauley Pavillion and was able to meet the legendary Coach Wooden and have him sign this photo. Patiently, Bryan waited for the right opportunity to add Kareem Abdul Jabbar's signature to this photo.  After being turned down by Kareem at a Los Angeles Laker Charity Poker night, Bryan finally managed to have Kareem sign this photo at an NBA cares event in Santa Monica, CA during May of 2009.  Both Coach Wooden and Karrem signed this photo in a blue felt tip sharpie.

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