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George H.W Bush - Signed 8.5x11 Photo

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About this piece:  This unique 8.5x11 glossy photo features former President, George H.W Bush.  President Bush signed this unique photo in January of 1999.  The challenge of attempting to meet and acquire an in person signature from a President is very difficult, with obvious security issues at stake.  Regardless of The President's personality , their is always a consistent and measured protocol when it comes to meeting Dignitaries such as President George H.W Bush.  Bryan always loves the challenges set out by the obstacles between him and his subject of desire, and has tactfully been able to get right up to several Presidents and Dignitaries alike in his career of acquiring signatures. From Bill Clinton to Nelson Mandela, Bryan has somehow always found a way to the top.


Signing description:  In January of 1999, former President of The United States; George H.W Bush made his first post Presidency appearance in Toronto, Canada.  Bryan was eager to meet the President and to prove to himself that he could indeed acquire the Presidents signature.  Having learned that the President would be appearing at Indigo Bookstore on Yonge st in Toronto, Bryan tactfully positioned himself inside the store just prior to the Presidents arrival and was the first person to greet the President as he walked through the doors. With the cameras rolling, Bryan was able to take a picture shaking hands with The President , and ironically without even noticing, the former Prime minister of Canada; Brian Mulroney standing next to Bryan in the photo. Subsequently, The President signed this photo and a few others for Bryan in that very intense moment. A moment Bryan is now sharing through this rare piece of History.

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