Axl Rose

Axl Rose - Signed 16x20 Photo

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About this piece: This 16" x 20" photo of the famous and iconic Axl Rose of Guns n' Roses was taken by legendary photographer Herb Ritts for Rolling Stone Magazine. Reclusive and private,  Axl Rose is very in-demand, and a rare signature to acquire in person. While spending time in Los Angeles, Bryan was able to do some intense research which led to an encounter one September night in 2006. In 2011, Bryan was avle to have another exclusive meeting with Axl Rose in Toronto, Canada. During this meeting, Axl signed this beautiful 16x20 photo with a full name signature and added "GnR" to his signature.
Signing description:  Bryan has always been a big supporter of Guns n' Roses and Axl's solo career, and this was a very anxious moment that played out better than Bryan could have ever imagined. Axl, saw Bryan wearing a vintage David Bowie shirt as he was exiting the restaurant, and before Bryan could even utter a word, Axl approached Bryan and complimented him on his t-shirt. At this point Bryan (holding a guitar and several GNR albums), asked Axl if he would sign the guitar. Axl happily obliged and not only signed that guitar and other material for Bryan, but Axl went a step further and invited Bryan into the back of his silver Bentley to listen to a rough cut of the latest Guns n' Roses album "Chinese Democracy." Axl signed additional merchandise in his car while they listened and Bryan was able to provide Axl with feedback about his unreleased music.
For Bryan this was an unforgettable and very fortunate experience which Bryan can now share through the signatures that Axl signed that special fall night in Los Angeles. In 2011, Bryan had another memorable exclusive encounter with the legendary Axl Rose, where he signed this incredible photo and a few other select items for TSL. 

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