Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio signed 11x14 Catch Me If You Can Photo

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About this piece: This cool 11" x 14" image of Leonardo DiCaprio from the popular film "Catch Me If You Can" was signed by Leonardo outside a 2004 Los Angeles Lakers game.  Ironically, Bryan had the exclusive opportunities to meet and take pictures with Leo on the film set of  "Catch Me If You Can" in both Los Angeles, and Quebec City, Canada.  For Bryan these experiences were quite unique, as he recalls Martin Sheen taking the photo of Bryan and Leo on the set in Los Angeles. Then the drama and excitement of watching Steven Spielberg up close with Tom Hanks and Leo for the final dramatic end scene of the film in the dimly lit town centre of Quebec City.


Signing description: Mr. DiCaprio is now and has always been a very difficult signature to obtain. Bryan notes that this is a very high-quality signature for Leonardo, also signed in a bold, blue vis-a-vis marker.

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