Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani - Signed 11x14 Photo

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About this piece:  Former New York Mayor and an American Hero for many, Rudy Giuliani is pictured hear on TIME magazine's  "Man of the Year" issue.  Rudy's efforts in rebuilding New York City were recognized by many as heroic.  This cover shot features Rudy standing strong amongst his fair city.


Signing description:  Bryan made a rare trip to Buffalo, NY in 2001 to meet Rudy Giuliani and acquire his signature in person.  Bryan had learned that Rudy would be making an appearance at a private fundraiser in Buffalo, and thought this would be a good opportunity to meet a potential Presidential candidate (at the time.)   Within 5b minutes of his arrival at the Private venue, Bryan was able to acquire several signatures and a terrific photo with Rudy Giuliani.  This stunning 11x14 glossy TIME cover photo is one of those pieces. Rudy signed this in a gold metallic paint pen to best compliment the dark background of the photo. 

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