Goodfellas cast signed movie poster

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About this piece:  One of the most coveted movie signed posters any film fan or collector would desire. The classic and iconic poster from Martin Scorsese's epic film has been perfectly signed in a silver paint pen by the three legendary cast members, Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci.  Having each cast member sign this poster in person and so flawlessly is a very difficult task, hence why you just don't see these posters out there for sale. Bryan specializes in getting the toughest signatures and getting high quality signatures in an exclusive and intimate setting. He was able to plan out three individual meetings with each cast to have them sign this poster. Ray Liotta signed the poster in a private signing in Los Angeles in June 2017. Robert De Niro signed the poster in Toronto in May 2017 during a press event for Nobu Hotels and the rarely seen and reclusive Joe Pesci signed this poster in Los Angles in May 2017. 

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