Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd signed "Dark Side of The Moon" LP Gilmour and Waters

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About this piece:  David Gilmour 's signature is as rare as roast beef. One of the elite guitarists in history, who wrote some of the most iconic music in rock n roll history with Pink Floyd, David Gilmour is considered one of the most challenging signatures to get in person. Rarely will you see David sign anything, espescially any Floyd albums.  It was shocking to witness in person and there's a photo to recapture the moment!  Oddly enough Roger had recently signed this album in New york City just a few months prior to David signing it. 

David signed his latest solo album titled "Rattle That Lock"  in a silver decco paint pen. This was signed at Ben McNally Bookstore in Toronto in March 2016.  A certificate of authenticity will accompany this piece. 

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