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About this piece:  The Footballer known across the World as Pele is widely regarded as The Greatest to ever play the game.  WInning the World Cup for Brazil at the age of 17 was just the beginning of the living legends incredible career.  Pele transcended the sport of Football (Soccer) across the Globe and helped revitalize the Country of Brazil.  His passion for the game has continued in his post playing days as Pele is the official FIFA ambassador for the game of Football. Pele's name has long been the most recognizable international sports name.  


Signing description:  Pele rarely makes appearances in North America, where Football (soccer) has long been overlooked as a recognized major sport.  However, the sport of "Soccer" in North America has drastically grown in North America over the last decade.   Bryan had the very rare honor of meeting Pele in person during a very quick visit to Los Angeles in 2006 to promote his involvement with "Mastercard" at the 2006 World Cup.  Bryan was able to locate Pele at a hotel in Los Angeles and had a very memorable moment with the "King of Football." As Bryan recalls, Pele was extremely kind and generous, and spent over 5 minutes signing various items and talking with Bryan. This beautiful image of Pele is one of those legendary signatures Pele signed that day for Bryan.  This particular image features three of the best Footballers of All Time, Pele, Ronaldo & Franz Beckenbauer. 

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