Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks signed Acoustic Guitar with lyrics added

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About this piece:  There are very few female vocalists who measure up to Stevie Nicks and her enduring legacy. The lead singer of Fleetwood Mac, and one of the greatest voices in the history of Rock n Roll, Stevie has remained elusive and a very tough signature to acquire throughout her entire career. This beautiful Fender acoustic guitar was signed by Stevie in Toronto on a recent visit to promote her documentary "In your dreams". Stevie even added "In Your Dreams" to the guitar and drew a heart with wings below her signature. 


Signing description:  This very rare signature on such a prolific item as an acoustic guiatr is very rare to find. Stevie has a beautiful legible signature, which makes this guitar so special. Stevie signed the guiatr in a blue paint pen. 

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