The Eagles

The Eagles signed Guitar with lyrics

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About this piece: This extraordinary Eagles acoustic Epiphone signed guitar comes with the complete "Hotel California" lineup of The Eagles: Don Henley, Randy Meisner, Joe Walsh, Don Felder and Glen Frey.  This unique piece also has the lyrics "You can check out whenever you like but you can never leave" written beautifully by Randy Meisner.

Signing description: All of these signatures were acquired by Bryan over a 2 year period of relentlessly tracking down and going to great lengths to complete this exquisite piece of signature art.

Glen Frey signed this guitar as he made his way to soundcheck for the first ever show at Los Angeles' Nokia theater. Bryan was alone when Glen arrived mid-afternoon and saw Bryan had other signatures and added his name to the guitar.

Don Henley, who is equally as difficult a signature to obtain in person as Glen Frey, was acquired by Bryan inside the Sony Grammy party at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 2007.

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