Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Kareem Abdul Jabbar - Signed 11x14 Photo

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About this piece:  This Neil Liefer photograph of  Lew Alcindor (Kareem abdul Jabbar) during his most dominant years for the UCLA Bruins truly captures the "skyhook" that Kareem made famous. This Iconic image is an exceptional looking photograph with the addition of Kareem's rare signature.  


Signing description:  Kareem Abdul Jabbar can be a very intimidating figure to meet in person. Not only is his size imposing, but Kareem is a very private and somewhat shy person, who used to rarely make public appearances.  However, in 2009 Kareem attended a promotional visit for a tire shop in Hollywood, where he signed autographs for only 30 minutes. The lineup was around the block, but Bryan was fortunate enough to have someone waiting in the line from early morning who save him a spot to join just prior to Kareem's arrival.  Bryan was able to get this beautiful signature from Kareem that day. A rare treat for any sports collector.  Kareem used a black felt tip marker to sign this photo.

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