Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson - Signed NFL Football

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About this piece:  Bo Jackson's career in sports was short lived but his time as a professional athlete is incomparable.  The first professional athlete to be named an All Star in 2 major sports (Baseball & Football) , Bo became a marketing juggernaut for NIKE.  As most sports fans recall the "Bo Knows" campaign in 1989/90 was everywhere and Bo Jackson was THE ATHLETE of that time.   As good an Athlete as Bo was, his personality off the field and treatment towards fans such as Bryan left a lot to be desired.  Some people think that Karma may have played a role in cutting short Bo's potentially larger than life athletic career.  


Signing description:  In 2004 Bryan discovered Bo jackson would be attending a Raiders convention in Burbank, CA.  Bryan acquired this beautifully signed NFL official football from Bo Jackson at this rare appearance.  Bo signed this Football in a flawless silver metallic paint pen. 

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