Thurman Thomas

Thurman Thomas - Signed "NFL" Football

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About this piece:  This is a vintage signed Thurman Thomas NFL official Pete Rozelle issued game ball.  Thurman Thomas was one of the most prolific Running Backs in the 90's and is now a Hall of Famer.  His career with the Buffalo Bills led the Bills franchise to their greatest achievements on the field.  


Signing description:  In 1990 a sports card store in Toronto opened with a promotional visit from some of the biggest Legends in Sports. From Oscar Robertson and jerry Rice to Sam Snead and Thurman Thomas.  They were all on hand to sign autographs at this store called "Legends of the Game" during their grand opening day.  Bryan was obviously on hand as well and had Thurman Thomas sign this vintage NFL Pete Rozelle issued game ball in a beautiful silver metallic paint pen.  

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