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Jerry Rice Signed official NFL Football

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About this piece:  This is a vintage official Pete Rozelle NFL issued game ball signed in 1990 by Jerry Rice.  Jerry Rice is unanimously regarded as the greatest receiver in NFL history.  Jerry holds every single record in the book for a receiver and is the all time leader in touchdowns in NFL history.  He won 3 Super Bowl rings and was named MVP of Super Bowl XXIII.   


Signing description:  In 1990, at the height of Jerry Rice's career and popularity he made a very rare and special appearance in Toronto.  Jerry was in Toronto then to sign autographs at a Sports Card store called "Legends of the Game."  The store opening was highly anticipated as they brought in some true "Legends of the Game" such as Oscar Robertson, Sam Snead, Thurman Thomas and Jerry Rice.  The lineup for Jerry was 4 blocks long and a young Bryan was one of the first in line for Jerry. This official vintage NFL game ball was signed by Jerry in a very cool metallic paint pen and Jerry added an incredible inscription of his Super Bowl games.  This is a very rare and unique Jerry Rice signed item.  

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