Sandy Koufax

Sandy Koufax - Signed 11x14 Photo

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About this piece:  Sandy Koufax is widely considered the greatest pitcher in the history of baseball. His domination of hitters and outright domination of the league in his shortened 11 year career is unmatched.  Not only did Sandy win 3 Cy young awards , but he led the league in strikeouts, wins, and era in each of those years.  In addition Sandy was the very first pitcher to achieve 4 no-hitters in their career.  A beloved Dodger, Sandy has great respect and admiration from several generations of fans. A hero to the Jewish community for his respect and shocking revelation not to pitch during game 1 of the 1965 World Series because it fell on the Jewish calendar's most Holiest of days of observance; Yom Kippur.   Sandy has led a very quiet life in his retirement and could be considered a somewhat reclusive and shy personality.  He very rarely will make a public appearance and his signature his highly sought out.  


Signing description:  Bryan's love for baseball and passion for acquiring the elite Icons in pop culture history has led him to acquire one of the vastest and most unique collections of Sandy Koufax signatures.  This is a result of Bryan's incredible ability to find Sandy over the years in very low key settings such as airports and private events.  The very first opportunity to meet Sandy came in 1997 at the "National" sports card expo in Cleveland, Ohio.  At this expo Bryan had Sandy sign some incredible pictures with the inscription "Mazel Tov" (which means Congratulations in Hebrew.)   It wasn't until years later in Los Angeles that Bryan would begin to see Sandy more often and start acquiring some very unique pieces.  The first meeting in Los Angeles was at a the 2005 Baseball Scouts of America private event held at the Beverly Hilton.  Before the event started, Bryan was in a VIP reception with Sandy and had him sign several great items.  In 2008 Bryan had learned that Sandy Koufax would be attending the NCAA Men's Final Four tournament in San Antonio and that Sandy would be stopping in Los Angeles for a week prior to heading to the tournament. This was just another example of Bryan's exclusive encounters with the great Sandy Koufax.  This particular 11x14 glossy photo was signed at LAX airport as Sandy arrived into Los Angeles that week before the Final Four in 2008.

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