Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Kareem Abdul Jabbar - Signed NBA Basketball

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About this piece:  This is a beautifully signed NBA replica Basketball. Kareem rarely signs in person. Bryan was very fortunate to have Kareem sign this basketball (as pictured below) at an NBA cares event in Santa Monica in 2009.


Signing description:  Kareem Abdul Jabbar can be a very intimidating figure to meet in person. Not only is his size imposing, but Kareem is a very private and somewhat shy person, who used to rarely make public appearances.  However, in 2009 Kareem made a few rare appearances at private events in support of the LA LAkers and NBA cares. Bryan was able to get this beautiful signature from Kareem that day. A rare treat for any sports collector.  Kareem used a silver metallic marker to sign this photo.


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