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Yogi Berra - Signed Baseball

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About this piece:  Widely considered one of the greatest, if not THE most prolific Catcher of all time. Yogi Berra has left an indelible mark on baseball.  As good as Yogi was on the field, he has lived up to an equal presence off the field.  Still actively enriching the Game with his involvement not only with the New York Yankees, but with MLB and young kids today.   


Signing description:  Every year after the baseball season wraps up its post season.  Former Yankee Skipper, Joe Torre hosts an event called "Safe at home." This event helps all sorts of young children who are abused and /or living under undesirable conditions.  Yogi Berra has annually participated in supporting this great cause along with several others.  Bryan was fortunate to attend this event in 2005 at NYC's Pierre Hotel, where he had Yogi sign this baseball. 

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