Sly and the Family Stone

Sly and the Family Stone - Signed "There's a Riot Goin' On" LP

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About this piece: This is the classic "There's a Riot Goin' On" album from funk pioneers Sly & the Family Stone. Sly & the Family Stone are unmatched in their impact on the development of the pop soul, funk and psychedelic music genres in the 1960s and 1970s. Sly Stone's music and compositions have permeated radio stations all over the world for 5 decades. Sly's music always represented the social climate around him and the positive message of people coming together. His music is just as relevant today as it was in the 60's. Sly has influenced a slew of  artists from Prince to Michael Jackson.  Sly Stone once told Bryan he should be called "Hip Pop" because he helped change pop music and without any debate is one of the most sampled acts in Hip Hop.  Not only does Sly deserve that title, but his ability to stay "Hip" when many acts came and went is truly a testament to the brilliant mind of Sly Stone.  Sly did things his way and did it for the people, a very rare trait in an industry filled with ego's and self serving motivation.  Bryan will never forget the evening at Clive Davis' Grammy party in January of 2009.  As Bryan recalls, "The room was filled with music biggest stars and icons when Clive Davis took the stage to introduce only 3 artists out of the entire room. First he introduced Sir Paul McCartney, who people cheered and hollered for, then Clive introduced Prince, who also got a big applause, but it was the final introduction of the night left for Sly Stone that brought the entire room to their feet and literally a roar of appreciation and respect that will forever remain a very special moment for those in attendance that special night."  


Signing description: In March of 2008 in Beverly Hills, CA Bryan had a long awaited goal come to a reality. That goal was to one day meet in person the VERY reclusive and Revered 60's pop ICON Sly Stone. Bryan was waiting that day in March waiting on a beverly hills street for Baseball legend Sandy Koufax to pop out of a building, when in the corner of Bryan's eye, he thought he saw a man that resembled Sly Stone. As Bryan hesitantly approached the man who looked like Sly, after confirming it was indeed Sly, Bryan introduced himself to Sly and told him of his passion and love for his music. After leaving an impression and a business card with Sly, Bryan recieved a phone call from a Woman who said Sly would like to meet with you again, and was looking for an assistant. The rest is history and Bryan became a very close friend and confidant of Sly Stone's and has worked with Sly on many endeavors.  Over their time spent together, Sly signed a vast catalogue of original Sly & The Family Stone memorabilia and always gave Bryan exceptional quality signatures and would add his own funk dictionary and lyrics to many of these invaluable items.  Bryan's catalogue of Sly signatures are proufoundly authentic and it would be hard to find another genuine Sly stone signature anywhere else in the world. 

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